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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Your life expectancy

Every day,there are 353.015 births in the world,thus 128.85 million babies are born each year.The number of humans born on earth since the origin would be around 80 billion.
We count 158.857 deaths per day ,or nearly 59 million deaths each year.That's a lot but less than the number of births.
Do you Know anything about your life expectancy?Make personal computing.
Thomas Perls offers this method of calculating:

1=Do you smoke,chew tobacco or are you surrounded by many smokers?
Yes=-10 points No=0 point.
2=Do you eat more than once per week of cooked meats,sausages,bacon?
Yes=-3 points No=0 point.
3=Cook up your meat,poultry and fish until they are burned?
Yes=-2 points No=0 point.
4=Do you avoid butter,cream,cakes and other saturated fat as well as fried foods?
Yes=3 points No=-7 points .
5=Do you eat a lot of fruits and vegetables? Yes=-6 points No=0 points
6=Do you drink alcohol in excess?(more than two drinks a day)
Yes=-6 points No=0 point)
7=Do you drink alcohol moderately (less than 6 dink a week)
Yes=3 points No=0 point.
8=Is there any pollution alerts to where you live? Yes=-4 points No=1 point.
9=For your hot drinks:
a.Do you drink more than 3 cups of coffee per day?Yes=-3 points No=0 point.
b.Do you drink green tea every day? Yes=3 points No= 0 point.
10=Do you take aspirin every day? Yes= 4 points No= 0 point.
11=Do you clean your teeth every day? Yes= 2 points No=-4 points.
12=Are you going to the bathroom every 2 days? Yes=0 point No=-2 points.
13Have you sex at risk without condom? Yes=-8 points No=0 points.
14=Do you protect yourself from the sun with a sunscreen? Yes=3 points No=-4
15=Are there dangerous levels of random in your house? Yes=-7 points No=0 points.
16=Calculate your Body Mass Index(wight in kg divide by 2 times the size in m.example for 57 kg and 1.70 m:57/1.7/1.7=19.7
a.Less than 18=-7 points.
b.18 to 26=2 points
c.27 to 29=-7 points
d.30 to 34=-10 points
e.35 to 39=-15 points
f.More than 40=-25 points.
17=Apart from your spouse and children,do you have relatives or friends you can visit spontaneously? Yes=5 points No=-4 points.
18=Which statement best describes you
a.I am often stress and cannot avoid it Yes=-7 points No=0 points.
b.I avoid stress easily,praying,meditating,doing exercise,taking things humorous or otherwise? Yes=-4 points No=0 points.
19=Can more than one person in your immediate family(parents,brothers and sister)had diabetes? Yes=-4 points No=0 points.
20=Are your parents:
a. Died accidentally before the age of 75? Yes=-10 points No=0 points.
b.Where they both9or one died before the age of 75 Yes=-10 points No=0 point.
21=Can one or more than one person in your family (parents,grandparents,uncles,aunts)lived more than 90 years in good health? Yes=24 points No=0 points.
22For your physical activity?
a.Are you sedentary? Yes=-7 points No=0 point.
b.Do you get 20 minutes or more per day? Yes=7 points No=0 point.
23=Do you take vitamin e or selenium every day? Yes=7 points No=0 point.
How to calculate your score?
Add up all you negative and positive points(eg.-45,+30=-15)divide this score by 5
I your are a man, add or subtract that number to 84(eg.83-3=81 years.
If your are a woman,add or subtract that number to 87(eg.87-3=84 years).
What is your life expectancy?"

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