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Illness is not just physical body malfunction or mental derangement. Such conditions are well cared for by medical doctors. Overlooked are those illnesses initiated by evil spirits - demons. This later category of illness can only be revers...ed by divine healing. Pastor Dean L. Wong, Click Here!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Philippe Decourroux - Un jour viendra

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


-The ball of basketball in my hands is worth 10 dollars. In the hands of Kobe Bryant , it may be worth 1000 000 dollars .However, In the hands of Michael Jordan, it is worth about 33 million dollars. Everything depends on the hands that hold it.

-A pen in my hands is worth about 1 dollar. A pen in the hands of a writer, is a bestseller millions.In the hands of Obama can give to millions health care.However in the hands of somebody it can steal millions to people while in others it seals the union of a couple. Everything depends on the hands that hold it.
-A tennis racket in my hands is worth nothing. In the hands of Venus Williams is a winning formula. Everything depends on the hands that hold it.
-A stick in my hands I used to hunt wild animals. In the hands of Moses it will do miracles and cleave the sea in two. Everything depends on the hands that hold it.
-A slingshot in my hands is a toy. In the hands of David is a formidable weapon who defeated Goliath. Everything depends on the hands that use it.
-Two small fish and 5 pieces of bread in my hands can feed my family. In the hands of Jesus Christ thousands eat and be satisfied.
-Nails in my hands can be used to make a bench or chair. Nails of the hands of Jesus Christ will produce salvation for the world. Everything depends on the hands where they are.
As you can see it now all depends on the hands that take care of work. Put on your worries, your fears, your obstacles, your family, your relationships, your ambitions and your life in Jesus, hands because .
Everything depends on the hands in which everything is ...
What is the worth of your hands?
work,shake hands,drive your life,hep pedestrians cross the road,but do not steal;harm;kill,rape.....
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