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Friday, April 16, 2010

Heart attack:what should you do?

Imagine it is 19h15 and you're about to go home by car, (alone of course), after a particularly busy day. You're really tired and perhaps more angry ....
You're very stressed and not quite sure how you exit a particular problem ... . . .
Suddenly,you feel an acute pain in the chest which is irradiated in the arm and the jaw.But you are 5 miles away of the nearest hospital.You are not sure you are going to rich the hospital.

What are you going to do?
You have been training to do heart massage,but the coach did not show you how to do it to yourself.
How can you survive a heart attack attack when you are alone?
As the majority of people are alone when they suffer a heart attack (if no immediate help),Their heart will begin to beat irregularly and they will be taken for stunning.
It takes about 10 seconds before the subject lost consciousness.
What should you do if it matters?
Do not panic .
-Highly start coughing repeatedly.
-Inspire high before each cough.
The cough must be deep and sustained to expel respiratory mucus.
Therefore:Alternatively inspire then cough,every two seconds without interruption until the arrival of the relief or until you feel that your heart beats normally again.
Deep inspiration helps adequacy oxygen to the lungs.
The cough causes the compression of the heart and maintains blood flow.
Regular compression of the heart also help to recover as possible the rate of the normal heart beat.

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