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Illness is not just physical body malfunction or mental derangement. Such conditions are well cared for by medical doctors. Overlooked are those illnesses initiated by evil spirits - demons. This later category of illness can only be revers...ed by divine healing. Pastor Dean L. Wong, Click Here!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The poor Lazard

Lazard was a poor farmer who was content with the little he had. His three children brought her happiness because everyone had a special gift. The first of his children had the gift of clairvoyance, the second had the gift to fly long distances and the third had the gift of healing. One day, when all her children were in the fields, Lazard fell gravely ill to die in the immediate future if nothing was done. At the same time, the child with the gift of clairvoyance saw the condition of his father and called his brothers - Father is very ill, we must return as soon! The second child with the gift of flight took them over his shoulders and carried from the field to the house. The third child with the gift of healing used his miraculous power to heal their father. All were happy to see their father's feet. Then each child claimed on its own merit to have saved their father. The first said: - If I had seen nothing, you never saw that something was wrong with the house the second maintained his position and saying - if I did not have you brought immediately at home, our beloved father died before we got and the third added - this is my gift of miraculous healing that came out of his evil father.
Who do you think of his three children has really saved his father?

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