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Monday, April 19, 2010

The number three in the bible

The number 3 is mentioned 523 times in the bible.
To know where the number 3 is coming from,we must look precisely toward the East,China and India.In many cultures,3 is the largest number written with as many rows as the number represent.
The number 3 is omnipresent in religion:
-For Muslims,the rosary has 3x33+3 grains.
-Jews refer to the original triad consisting of a people,a book and the land.
-For Christian,we know of course the trinity with the father ,the son and the holy spirit.
In our life the number 3 is hunting us every day,as the material is classified into 3 states:-Solid-Liquid-Gaseous.
Our world is in 3 dimensions-Width-Height-Depth.
The man seems to have modeled on nature,speaking of the" third age",tracking Omega-3 in their diet,succumbing on the 3G technology of mobile phone.
In health,the doctor sometimes ask patients to repeat many times 33 to make their larynx vibrate.

In The old testament:
-The first occurrence of the number 3 is in genesis 1:13"The third day"
-3 is the number associated with the godhead,for there are 3 persons in god.
-The Seraphin cried 3 times Holy,Holy,Holy one for each of the 3 persons in the trinity(Isaiah 6:3).
-In genesis 12:2,the same 3 persons appear to Abraham.
-The spies brought 3 things"grapes,figs,and pomegranates (Numbers 13:23).
-Ahriman,Sheshai and Thalami were the 3 children of Anak (Numbers 13:22).
-Noah had 3 sons while Jacob had 3 daughters.
-King David bowed down 3 times before Jonathan( 1 Sam 20:41).
-Daniel regularly prayed 3 times a day giving thanks to God(Dan 6:10,13).
-Ezekiel received a message from the Lord concerning the fate of Egypt in the third month of the eleventh year of his exile(Ezek 31:1).
-The Lord revealed through Amos that "I also withheld rain from you when the harvest was still 3 months away(Amos 4:7).
-Isaiah went stripped and barefoot for 3 years,as a sign against Egypt and Cush (Isa 20:3).
-Daniel and his 3 friends were schooled for 3 years (Dan 1:3-5).
-Abraham obeyed the Lord's instructions and was prepared to offer his only son Isaac on the third day of his journey to Moriah (Gen 22:4).

- Balaam beat his Donkey 3 times after which he was reprimanded by both the angel and his Donkey.Num22:21-35).
In the new testament:

-Jesus raised three persons from the dead
-Jesus died at age 33,at 3 o'clock in the afternoon and resurrected 3 days late.

it was at the third hour he was crucified and it was for 3 hours(from 6Th to the 9Th)that the darkness shrouded.
-Jesus suffered 3 temptations from the devil.
-The roaster cried after Peter denied Jesus 3 times.
-Jesus answered Satan's threefold temptation by citing 3 scriptural passages(Matt 4:1-11).
-Paul experienced 3 shipwrecks(2Co 11:28) and prayed 3 times to the Lord for the ,Jesus mother,visited Elizabeth,Zachariah's wife,and stayed for 3 months(Luke 1:56).
-The the winemaker said.here 3 years I come seeking fruits on this fig tree and find none.Cut it(Luke 13:7).
-Luke in chapter 13 verse 9 to 12 tells That parable that a man sent 3 servants to the winemaker to take his share.
-3 days after they had a wedding at Cana (John 2:1).
-Judas sold Jesus for 30 pieces of silver.

-During the ministry of Jesus Christ ,there were 3 samaritans who stand prominent.
-Man's 3 great enemies are the" World ,the Flesh and the Devil"
Is 3 a spiritual number?

You know what, I lost my father the third day of the third month in the year 1973.My brother, by that time was 3 years,he grounded in Congo big river at 13 years and died.Only for this two people three comes 5 times.

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