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Friday, April 16, 2010

Stress,really can make you sick.

While many of us wouldn't operate at full throttle without some stress in our lives, chronic (ongoing) stress is known to affect your immune system in complex ways, which may have various effects.
Chronic stress appears to dampen the immune system's response to infections and may even impair your response to vaccines. A number of studies have shown that subjects suffering chronic stress have low white blood cell counts and are vulnerable to colds - and once someone catches a cold or flu, stress can exacerbate the symptoms.
Those with herpes or HIV may be more susceptible to viral activation following exposure to high stress levels. Research has found that HIV-infected men with high stress levels progress more rapidly to AIDS when compared to those with lower stress levels.
Some evidence suggests that chronic stress triggers an over-production of certain immune factors, called cytokines, which can have very damaging effects in excess levels. In fact, these findings may help to explain the association between chronic stress and a number of diseases, including heart disease.
If you are highly stressed and have found your body developing repeated infections, speak to your doctor or a nutritionist about boosting your immune system. Start by eating a healthier, balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetable and low in animal fats. Get yourself active by joining a gym, walking or cycling a few times a week. Then find a stress management course or join a yoga or meditation class.

Not only can consistent high stress make you physically ill, it can lead to depression or burnout. Keep it in check.
(Mens clinic international)


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