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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Violence in Congo democratic republic

The war in The Congo democratic Republic has been so violent that one wonders where is the international community.As of today the war claims 6,000,000 people died as a result of this war.Do you know that,six millions deaths is 7 times the Rwandan genocide,talked about even today and a international criminal court was opened for this matter?

Six millions is also 2000 times the September 11 attack of Unites States of America.This attack created the Iraq war and the economic crisis in the world.Every year ,we remember the attack.Do you know that,six millions is 2000 people dying every day in Congo in almost eight years?
Six millions is again 27 times the Tsunami,today a least 30 times the earthquake in Haiti.Spontaneously,the international community is mobilized for disaster relief in Haiti.
1-What about Congo?
2-Is The Congo forgotten?
3-Does the Congo need a Tsunami or an earthquake for the world to pay attention?
Some cases of rape in Congo:
-A girl of 7 years,residing in the district of kinkole in common N'sele,Kinshasa,was raped by a 60 old man living in the same neighborhood.The elder sister of the victim discovers her young sister lying on the bed of his tormentor.
-A 51 years old man,in Kikwit Bandundu violated the six years daughter of his partner after promising the victim gifts for not denouncing him.
-A woman of seventy years has been raped recently by a 19 old young man.
-A 16 old girl was raped by a group of four boys.
Do not wait,we must react now.Together as one let us fight the violence in Congo.
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